David Flakelar is a highly trained, qualified and experienced practitioner of AcuEnergetics®, Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Management.  He has over 11 years practical experience, having treated over 11,000 people.

David Flakelar

David has found that the common challenge is that people don’t have the knowledge nor the skills to find the balance and harmony required to manifest the life they desire.   Many people have the technical or professional training required for their work but have never received the training to manage themselves, i.e. their emotions and stress.

"While people have individual needs, there is a commonality amongst them. Quite simply, people have similar needs; we all want to be successful in our personal AND in our professional lives."

"It is impossible to successfully separate health and happiness in your personal life from happiness and success in your business life; one affects the other. So, working with a person to find health and happiness allows them to be the best professional or technician in their work environment.

A person can be technically brilliant at their job, but if their emotions and mind are a unbalanced, they cannot deliver their experience or skills successfully. Conversely, a person can be happy, healthy and balanced in their personal life, but if they are not given the skills and the tools to manifest and take that into their professional environment, they may feel unfulfilled in life."

David works with individuals and  professional groups using a combination of AcuEnergetics®, stress management and mindfulness meditations. David provides clients with treatments, tools and support  to achieve success and wellness in their lives.

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  • Sydney
    11a Gray Street
    Bondi Junction
    NSW 2022, Australia
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  • Elizabeth Beach Retreat & Studio
    8 Ridgeline Court
    Elizabeth Beach
    NSW 2428, Australia
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  • Tuesday to Saturday : 8.45 am to 6.30 pm

“Your mind is a powerful tool. It can create beautiful works of art or cut you up into pieces, so learn to use it wisely” David Flakelar. Sign Up for his monthly newsletter for info and tips.