I love helping individuals and couples to resolve personal and relationship issues. I use practical and proven processes and techniques to help individuals to evolve in order to create the loving and sustaining relationships they deserve. 


High rates of divorce and low levels of happiness among those still married or in de facto relationships means we need help in sustaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.

I have been treating and consulting individuals and couples in private practice for 12 years for a range of health and relationship issues. I see a consistent lack of knowledge and awareness on how to live happy and fulfilling lives, and in particular, how to nurture intimate relationships.

It takes more than love and good intention to have a successful relationship. Understanding our needs, practising good communication and learning how to ‘feed and weed’ the relationship are just some of the skills necessary for cultivating and sustaining healthy relationships.

Most of us think "when I meet The One" I will finally be complete, living happily ever after with my soul mate!" This optimistic  naive approach has served humanity well from a reproduction perspective, however, beyond the honeymoon, statistics indicate how poorly we fair in sustaining and preserving our once-loving relationship.

Relationships can get very confusing and difficult if we don’t understand the dynamics such as yours, your partner's and the relationship's issues. We unknowingly hold unresolved emotional wounds and patterns like buttons, laying them dormant waiting for the next partner to press. Without awareness, we blame and get angry at the button presser instead of looking at what the button represents; issues such as “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t trust ….” and so on.

Understanding and taking responsibility for our own issues and resolving them is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. It allows us to be more open, loving and less reactive. Reactivity in relationships means we blame our partners for our unhappiness. This emotional pattern continues to sometimes end in divorce or leave partners enduring an unfulfilling and unhappy existence together.

The combination of personal development, learning relationships skills and applying effective relationship strategies is essential for couples to manifest a lasting and fruitful relationship, strong enough to withstand the challenges of life. 

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