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Need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life?

We offer a range of health and wellness retreats throughout the year that give you an opportunity to connect and unwind in the beautiful natural surrounds of the NSW Mid-North Coast at Pacific Palms, only a 3.5 hour drive from Sydney or 1.5 hour drive from Newcastle.


Secrets of the Season Retreats

These retreats are open to anyone who is interested in learning to develop some self management skills through yoga and meditation or needing a break to 'switch off' from the fast pace of modern living.

The new Rainforest Retreat Studio overlooks a natural rainforest reserve creating the perfect tranquil setting for you to connect with nature and  experience a deep feeling of peacefulness.These retreats are open to anyone who is interested in learning to develop some self management skills through yoga and meditation or needing a break to 'switch off' from the fast pace of modern living.




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Each new season heralds change to the climate and all living creatures. These seasonal changes affect us physically, emotionally and energetically and therefore have the power to change the way we think, feel and live our lives.

We offer four retreats throughout the year that capture the qualities of each season - Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn.

The Secrets of the Season Retreats focus on learning to be in sync with the natural rhythms of each season optimising your health and wellbeing.

Understanding the seasons and applying ancient practices of meditation and yoga allows us to resonant in harmony with the energy that flows within and around us.It connects us to the natural world in which we belong.

The Secrets of the Season Retreats explore these changes and teaches you how to attain maximum benefit from each season.By applying the beautiful marriage of specific yin yoga and mindfulness meditation practises, learning about seasonal foods and creating a seasonal lifestyle strategy, you can embrace each season with increased vitality and happiness.


9.30am Registration & Welcome

9:30am – 11am Seasonal Yin Yoga

11am – 11.30am Organic Morning Tea

11.30am - 1pm Seasonal Meditation

1pm – 2pm Organic Seasonal Lunch


The rest of the day is free for you to spend playing or resting in this stunning natural environment. Surrounded by lakes, National Parks and pristine beaches, lose yourself or simply catch up on a book you haven’t finished. Or simply have a well-earned siesta - the choice is yours!

At your request, restorative relaxation massage, kidney/adrenal balances or tailored energetic healing treatments are available for your pleasure and relaxation.We offer the following additional services:

Therapeutic Wellness massages 1.5 x hour $95

Individually tailored AcuEnergetics® treatments with David: 1 x hour 15min session $100

Private Yoga sessions with Vickie : 1 x hour $70

Workshop Topics

Seasonal Yin Yoga

Explanations on the theory on the seasons, how it effects your mind,emotions and body and how yin yoga can help.

 Seasonal Meditation

Learn how to open seasonal energetic centres, clear emotional stress calm the mind & destress the body.

Seasonal Healing

Learn how to heal and strengthen the organs that relate to each season.

e.g. In Winter our kidneys and bladder are weakened which can cause lower back pain, urinary tract infections and weakened immune system leading to colds and flu.

Seasonal Lifestyle Strategy

How to develop a seasonal lifestyle strategy to embrace the benefits of each season for maximum health and vitality.

e.g. Less colds and flu in winter, hayfever in spring and less fatigue in summer. etc

Workshop Dates

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