Learning how to manage your mind is key to your success.

It doesn’t matter whether your priority is physical health or emotional well-being, or whether it’s excelling in sport or business.

The principle is the same:

“Every aspect of our lives is a reflection of our mental and emotional state of mind.”

With direction, practise and support you can learn how to be successful in all areas of your life.



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“Your mind is a powerful tool. It can create beautiful works of art or cut you up into pieces, so learn to use it wisely” - David Flakelar

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  • All Saints Skin Clinic
    50 Bay Street
    Double Bay
    Sydney NSW 2028
    Bookings 02 9696 5050 Thursdays to Saturdays 8.45am to 6.30pm
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  • Elizabeth Beach Retreat & Studio
    8 Ridgeline Court
    Elizabeth Beach
    NSW 2428, Australia
    Bookings 0418 407 750
    Sundays to Wednesdays
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