Healing Beyond the Boundaries

David | March 15, 2019

Like most Australian surfers, I have a love affair with Indonesian. Her beautiful tropical blue waters receive long period glassy swells from southern ocean storms that wrap into a myriad of bays and reefs across 2,800 km of coastline creating a Disneyland for surfing tragics like me.I have surfed my way across the archipelago from Sumba in the east up to Sumatra and the Mentawai islands in the north.

I’ve travelled through some of the poorest parts of Indonesian where villages have limited access to modern medicine. I have been privileged to receive their hospitality, humour and honesty and where possible I was able to help them using energy medicine with the healing  modality AcuEnergetics®. I have many stories of healing locals where I was able to bring relief from pain and suffering in all sorts of situations whilst on surfing holidays.

My first story begins in Sumbawa early 1990. A young Australia woman Jenny ( a nurse on holidays ) approached me with a potentially life threatening situation. She heard through the grape vine I was a practitioner of something or other, so she reached out to me desperate for help. She had been unable to hold down food or water for 3 days. Anyone who has spent time trekking or surfing in Asia knows after malaria, reef cuts and motorbike accidents, dehydration is the next daily health risk as it can slowly creep up on you and the next thing you know you’re nauseous, dizzy and potentially passing out.

For Jenny, her problem started 3 days ago in Bali when she awkwardly swallowed chunks of raw garlic. She semi choked at the time thought nothing of it. Now with no flights leaving Sumbawa for another 3 days she was in trouble. Weak, badly dehydrated and with no medical help available, I was it – no pressure !!! I reasoned the pranic field of sumana had reversed and I needed to balance the navel energy centre to re direct the direction from upwards to downwards otherwise I couldn’t help her and this condition would continue.

N.B. Pranic fields govern directions of energy effecting organs and various body functions. Sumana governs horizontal and downward energy in the body that supports biological function. In this case, the digestion track uses this field to move food and water down the throat through the stomach and digestive system for normal function. When pranic fields are imbalanced problems occur in various functions of the body.     
The navel energy centre was completely imbalanced. Using resonance off the front and the back of the navel centre for 20 mins I could feel the field change and unify in one beautiful moment. For Jenny she said ” something moved and felt like a clunk in her stomach” she was able to drink and eat normally afterwards as the pranc field now allowed her normal digestive system to function as normal. We both were very relieved.

Resonance is a healing technique that is unique to AcuEnergetics® It works like
a tuning fork creating an opening and balancing effect on energy centres and meridians. This technique also allows the practitioner to feel and access in real time when a system is in balance whilst working off the body without needles or other devices. The modality is complimentary to traditional western medicine by supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Same island next day, I was asked if I could help the old lady down the beach who owned and ran the beach shop which comprised of a simple door resting on two trestles. She sold fruit, biscuits and cigarettes under a palm tree next to the walking track that meandered along the beach in front down to the surf at Lakey Peak.

I agreed as you can’t surf all day so in the cool of the afternoon I walked down the beach and in my broken Indonesian asked ” halo apa kabar ibu ” meaning how are you mother ( for respect of senior women younger people use mother or ibu when addressing them ). After back and forth conversations I understood she suffered long term headaches, neck and shoulder pain and sore hips. The location of the pain and her descriptions matched a wood imbalance ( liver and gallbladder ) and the area on her body matched perfectly with gallbladder meridians that flowed through the hips, neck and shoulders wrapping her head.

I see these symptoms daily in Australia with patients usually caused by swallowing or controlling some aspect of yourself through words and emotions (usually frustration). Normally, the emotional congestion would be processed and balanced from the energy throat centre first, then the associated meridians in this case gallbladder and liver meridians would be opened and balanced. Energy governs strength, flexibility and function in the body, it has the potential to cause numerous symptoms and conditions if imbalanced.

Here I was In remote Indonesia with an elderly Muslim woman, barefoot only wearing a sarong and 20 locals gathered around watching intently my treatment approach had to be modified accordingly as she sat on a chair in front of me. I balanced the throat centre off her body to the gallbladder organ to release the pressure on her pain. This improved her headache by her emerging smile saying ” halo apa kabar ibu” meaning “no pain” so I knew I was on the right track.

Thirty minutes later the gallbladder meridian at GB1’s (next to the eyes ) felt much better and the headache was completely gone. ( Sometimes this will work other times it won’t depending on the cause especially if its emotional stress – I got lucky with her )

The pain through her hips and shoulders also released by balancing other points along the gallbladder meridian at GB21’s and GB44’s until she was pain free. She was overcome with joy and with tears in her eyes gave me her last bunch of bananas as thankyou – absolute priceless moment for me I’ll never forget it.

Over the rest of my 2 week holiday I agreed ( an interpreter to help me ) to treat 2 locals per day from 4pm to 6 pm under the palm tree next to the “shop”.Ibu and many others got relief and and in most situations stayed pain free in the 2 weeks I was there. Obviously, some conditions need western medicine or surgery to resolve pain and discomfort, however in these situations I was able to heal many people from young  girls with urinary tracc infections, older fishermen with shoulder pain from lifting boats, to the a local Shaman from a foot injury caused by excess dancing and being old – all were incredible experiences.

I returned to Hu Hu Sumbawa the following years for surf holidays and continued to treat and help locals under the same palm tree next to the “shop” sharing my knowledge and receiving so much more than I gave from the love and appreciation from people who really needed help. I hope to again return one day and see Ibu and many locals that became good friends. The surfing experience was vastly enriched by these experiences with locals that moved me in so many ways.

The relisation of the gift of giving was now a treasured lesson for me and I look forward to helping people third world countries again in future surf adventures.

The evolution of a soul’s journey

David | October 18, 2016

Most of us have been schooled in a traditional western approach to learning and problem solving, i.e. the mind is king and as such we can just think our
way out of situations or problems through logic and deduction. Sure the mind has some handy essential attributes, but throw in some conflict and stir
with fear or frustration and “voila” we have a mind that emulates something like an angry rhino charging around the jungle impaling anyone who happens
to get in its way. 

Whilst you may think “I’m not like that”, have a look at the way you react to simple things like traffic jams when you’re running late for an important
appointment, or when a love one upsets you like embarrassing you at a dinner party in front of your friends, or a work colleague humiliates you in
front of your peers? Yes at times we all can get sucked into the vortex of the egoic mind and the outcomes are usually unpleasant to downright destructive
and painful. Like an enraged rhino we can make some pretty dumb decisions and say some hurtful words in the heat of the moment, reacting instead of
responding, regretting our actions later with shame and perhaps self-loathing.

What are the solutions to managing such difficult situations and how can we stay calm and make good decisions without losing our cool?

The first step is to understand the mind or ego or, in esoteric terms the “I ness“, it’s limitations, pitfalls and ultimately how to free ourselves from
the mind’s/ego’s addiction of self – gratification.

The ego can be defined as: ”Being identified with one’s own self, seeking power to defend or glorify with a sense of self – importance.” Common characteristics
of ego are to judge either ourselves or others, creating separation, making someone right or wrong through blame, justifying an emotional reaction.

In Buddhism, the unconscious mind is described as the “eternal suffering” and in Christianity the “original sin”. In Hinduism, when the pure sense of self
is covered with impurities of delusion and ignorance, it creates a false separation known as “Ahamkara”.Some attributes of the ego are separation,
desire, pride, arrogance, selfishness,self – centredness, judgements, opinions, criticisms, fear, anger etc.Left to our most unconscious version of
ourselves, i.e. without a sense of awareness of our thinking, we automatically embrace these egoic attributes to our peril. 

If you look at a basic timeline a human life you get a sense of the egoic evolution (or not) of a soul’s journey and what (in my opinion) we are all basically
here to develop and transcend, that is our original connection with the Divine beyond the ego.

At birth babies are completely focused on themselves needing food, comfort and love from parents, completely focused on survival. Toddlers egos are fragile,
tender and mostly averse to being told “no” by parents as the toddler’s tantrums begins to expose their free will and sense of self.

As young children we begin to identify our sense of self by name, what we look like etc., realising other children exist and themes such as sharing begin
to challenge the developing ego.

Throughout the awkward teenage years, we become obsessed with being accepted by friends and the opposite sex as hormones begin to drive our motivations.The
ego’s self – judgement is defined by the attention or lack thereof by the opposite sex, often seeding the “not good enough” belief that may become
a default later in times of rejection.

Our 20’s and 30’s can be consumed by self – gratification, by way of vanity, sex, parties and the obsession to be liked, adored and accepted.In our 40’s
and 50’s as parents we naturally turn our selfishness to selflessness to love and nurture our children (hopefully).

This development of heart begins a crucial stage away from the ego with its obsession of self towards a sense of “Us ness “ or a wider giving connection
outside of our own desires towards serving others through loving actions and gestures. As we become grandparents the hard edges and unforgiving nature
of our younger self is replaced by a sense of service to family and community changing the way we seek joy and satisfaction by helping others. In our
twilight years we move towards a deeper connection with our spiritual self, connecting more with God (or your version) in whatever form it takes. Often
the closer we get to our final days, the more the doorways to the spiritual world open and we are drawn to spending time in quiet contemplation with
all that is. 

The development and opening of the heart connects and allows our mind to become insightful and wise. Through meditation practice, the opening of the heart
manages the ego. Simply, the heart’s wisdom transforms the ego to a non – judgemental reality replacing its prejudices and limitations with openness
and acceptance. The compassionate mind follows a flowering heart. The ego has its place in survival, but it’s our heart that determines the quality
and richness of our life. In the end, what makes a good life is not the material accomplishments, fame or fortune, but how much love we shared, experienced
and gave to ourselves and people in our life. As Rumi aptly wrote;

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” 

Meditation is Essential

David | August 24, 2013

Getting clear on what’s important for you and having the passion, courage and motivation to get out of bed doesn’t just happen – if it did most people
would be happy and fulfilled.

After a decade of helping people achieve their health and happiness, I believe meditation is one of the key ingredients that help people achieve their

In my experience you need to meditate to cultivate a positive state of mind so it’s easy to get past fear and self-doubt that often prevents you from reaching
your goals.

Meditation brings clarity and a still mind that can help you identify your needs to help you achieve success in your life irrespective of your background,
current state of mind or future aspirations.

As you are aware, we recently launched Meditation Essentials on iTunes.
Due to its popularity, we decided to also make it available for free on Spotify and Google Play.

I hope you can join me in sharing my knowledge and experience to help you find the peace that lies within.