Cristy Gonzales

jlwittleton | July 24, 2017

“I feel very lucky and privileged to of had the opportunity to experience one on one treatments with David Flakelar and be part of the Amanoi executive team stress management training.

Prior to the training, stress was literally killing me. I suffered a number of personal and professional stress related symptoms and problems. Painful headaches, stiff neck and shoulders and general lethargy were my everyday reality.

My role as the front office manager is to deal with a huge range of difficult and challenging situations simultaneously – the stress was adversely affecting me leaving me feeling overwhelmed, unable to think clearly and a reduction of my ability to perform at a high level.

Today, I feel light. I don’t get headaches or sore shoulders, instead of feeling overwhelmed with stress I am happy and relaxed and look forward to dealing with the challenges of my role. I am more effective at multi-tasking without feeling any of the old adverse stress responses.

I can highly recommend David and IPM for stress management training, it’s effective, practical and very relevant to the challenges of today’s business irrespective of the industry or job role.”

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