David | February 1, 2019

Have you ever made a list of New Years resolutions and approached the new year feeling excited about achieving them only to find by the end of February that motivation grinds to a screaming halt, leaving you feeling like a failure instead of a champion? If so, you’re not alone. According to US News and World Report 80 % of people similarly fail to reach their goals by February. Why do so many of us fail to achieve such worthwhile goals when they seem like such a great idea at the time?

The common reason for failing to achieve these goals are based on what you think you should achieve instead of what inspires you from your Heart. If you make your goals based on should’s, you won’t have the energy to overcome the obstacles. Excuses inevitably surface distracting you from staying on track and then you hit the wall and give up.

Many people think losing weight and getting fit are worthwhile goals and they are. But ask yourself “do I really feel inspired to achieve them? ” If the answer is NO, it’s likely you will be unable to maintain the motivation and stay with the routine to achieve your goals and in the end feel worse than you before you started. Whilst being healthy is a noble worthwhile goal, it is the person you become that has true meaning that inspires your Heart.

The key to achieving goals is to find what inspires you. This inspiration comes deep within you – not from your head but from your Heart your connection to the real you – your soul – your truth. When you touch on what really inspires you, your whole being lights up like a Christmas tree connecting to a deep sense of purpose within you that goes beyond the ideas of the mind.

True inspiration naturally energises and motivates you to keep going. It keeps you focused on the vision and allows you to enjoy the journey despite the obstacles and challenges that may bring down on you.

When you find your “inspired goals” you naturally are more committed to achieve them as you are living from your truth and you will feel that it is your choice rather than a goal that is being imposed on you from media or what society projects onto you e.g. I should lose weight; I should stop drinking. Your head will say these are good ideas, but your heart decides if these inspire you. Learn through meditation or any personal development how to be in touch with your Heart so you can easily feel the difference between an “inspired goal” and a “head goal”.

“If the inspired goal is the arrow then the bow is the support to achieve it.”

When we discover what resonates in our Heart as an inspired goal, it is vital we get support to help us achieve it – join groups, share your goals and vision with friends and family, get coaching, joining regular practice sessions to sharpen your skills, and engage in further education . Whether you have business or personal goals it’s important to have a plan of support to help keep you on track so make sure you plan, organise and execute your support plan to propel your inspired goal into reality.


There aren’t good or bad goals. What inspires a goal is as varied as there are people. People who change the world aren’t always who you expect. Ordinary people believe in a better world. Inspired by your Hearts, goals no matter how big or small have the power to change your life and make meaning from a world that can at times seems empty and meaningless.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s the person you become that matters ”

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