The Secrets of Spring

David | September 7, 0201

Spring is finally here as nature awakens from her winter slumber. Ice melts, seeds begin to sprout, flowers bud, animals give birth as a new seasonal chapter
begins. Spring is characterised by longer warmer days as the sun reaches the spring equinox as the length of day and night are become equal as the
sun’s annual migration heads south towards the southern hemisphere.


It’s time to shed those winter clothes, get more active and mentally lay down the plans and give birth to the ideas from winter’s contemplation. As spring
is the most dynamic cycle of the seasons you may feel more motivated to create new goals for yourself, your environment or your relationship – give your life a “spring clean” so to speak. If you want to change your life Spring is the best season to help you find the energy to make positive changes
to your life.

In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the element of wood and is governed by the energy centre of the throat.The pranic field is udana that effects
upward energy in the body.The organs associated with wood are liver and gallbladder. These organs govern energy, flexibility, strength and our ability
to make clear decisions. A wood imbalance may culminate in stiff joints and ligaments, tight neck and shoulders and the inability to make decisions
or be too controlling and bossy.

Physically, the liver is the filter of blood and toxins and needs detoxing to stay healthy. Emotionally, frustration, anger (expressed or suppressed) feeling
not good enough etc. can congest the liver and gallbladder. A wood imbalance may effect menstruation cycles, hormones, sleep, depression,low energy levels particularly after lunch and then the opposite being wide awake at 1 am – 3 am.The liver produces hundreds of functions for the body and is key
to your health and well-being.

A wood imbalance can also produce emotional symptoms such as one’s inability to cope with stress indicated by intolerance or being short tempered. It’s
important to express your feelings without blaming others or victimising yourself. Its healthy to engage in open discussions to truly express yourself
in order to not congest the liver or gall bladder emotionally. As we get older the liver needs regular cleaning just like any other filter to stay
healthy and keep us feeling energetic, vital and strong.

Spring is the perfect season to detox your body and reset yourself for the new chapter of growth and fulfilment.

Taking advantage of Spring’s energy: change unwanted habits, embark on new workshops, groups or training, individual sessions, spring clean your environment,
getting around to those jobs you keep putting off etc. needs some strategy and process to make it easier and more likely to achieve your goals.

Below is a proven coaching process that works for me and many clients I’ve helped achieve a new and better version of their life.

Make a list of what’s not working in your life in the various categories such as home, health, finances, relationship etc. Don’t be too over board just
write a couple of key issues you feel are important for you to change. Then prioritise each issue from one onwards. Now write next to each issue a
goal you would ideally like to an ideal new reality instead of the current one. This goal must be realistic, measurable, achievable and
have some timelines for each action otherwise it’s all just another idea to get around to one day. Then next to each goal write the actions you need
to take to achieve that goal. There may be a number a specific action like research, making a phone calls to specific people, booking a class etc.

Then write your actions in your diary for what day you will execute them. Unless the action is in your diary it won’t happen. At the end of the week you
will need to appraise your action plan again based on what you actually achieved. You may have got through more tasks then you thought or you may need
to carry those tasks you couldn’t get done onto the next week. Whatever reason you didn’t carry out a task don’t get stuck on self-judgement just get
clear on your commitment to working through your tasks the next week.

If you struggle with commitment to your action plans, then take some time to consider WHY you want to achieve this new goal and HOW it will make you feel
achieving it. As Jim Rohn once said “if the why’s are big the how’s become easy”. Or ask yourself which is stronger, my fear or laziness that stops
me or the joy and benefits of achieving your desired goal?

Personally, I like to appraise the upcoming week on a Sunday so I can prepare and be ready Monday morning.

To help you kick start Spring we have designed the perfect day for your mind body and soul.

In the Secrets of the Spring workshop, Vickie and I apply seasonal wisdom by focusing on the the spring
organs of liver and gallbladder.The three aspects of the training are yin yoga, meditation and seasonal food to enhance, clear and strengthen your
liver and gallbladder. All the food is organic and is congruent with the spring season for maximum nutritional wellness. You will leave the day feeling
clear, energised and fulfilled knowing you are working with the energy of the season to maximise your health and well-being.

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