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  • Mary-Digiglio
    Mary Digiglio
    Managing Partner - Swaab Attorneys
    "We like seeing our people 'thrive,' day in, day out – both professionally and personally. This spirit brought our in-house 'thrive' program - an 8-week mindfulness based stress reduction program. Delivered over 3 months, David Flakelar and Alison Hutchens from Inner Performance Management taught participants how to proactively manage their psychological well-being, improve focus and performance and build better relationships. Participants also gained a new appreciation for meditation and a deeper understanding of the mind and its relationship with the body. I’m so pleased to see evidence of the impact it is having on our staff, who discuss the techniques they have learned to take a break, or clear their mind, or gain some perspective and to enjoy “quiet time”. The feedback was so awesome we introduced a second program to involve more staff!"
    Cristy Gonzales
    Front Office Manager, Amanoi Aman Resorts
    "I feel very lucky and privileged to of had the opportunity to experience one on one treatments with David Flakelar and be part of the Amanoi executive team stress management training. ​ Prior to the training, stress was literally killing me. I suffered a number of personal and professional stress related symptoms and problems. Painful headaches, stiff neck and shoulders and general lethargy were my everyday reality. ​ My role as the front office manager is to deal with a huge range of difficult and challenging situations simultaneously – the stress was adversely affecting me leaving me feeling overwhelmed, unable to think clearly and a reduction of my ability to perform at a high level. ​ Today, I feel light. I don’t get headaches or sore shoulders, instead of feeling overwhelmed with stress I am happy and relaxed and look forward to dealing with the challenges of my role. I am more effective at multi-tasking without feeling any of the old adverse stress responses. ​ I can highly recommend David and IPM for stress management training, it’s effective, practical and very relevant to the challenges of today’s business irrespective of the industry or job role."
    Michaela Kupcakova
    CEO Success Effect
    "I consider David Flakelar to be one of the most knowledgeable, understanding, respectful and effective members of the Health & Wellness industry I have dealt with. As one of his clients, I have come to know him well and would like to recommend him as an expert in his field. David's unwavering devotion to healing those in need of his energy healing skills, teachings and expertise exemplifies his caring nature and passion for bringing happiness and calmness to people. I personally have experienced an elimination of physical pain, which has further resulted in inner peace. In my opinion, he is a trustworthy individual that delivers effective results."
    Elaine Phelan
    Industry Manager, Retail at Google
    "My GP recommended David to me at a time of high stress in my life. I was sceptical, however David has an amazing, calm energy. I was never able to meditate or clear my mind before, however having done one of David's courses, I am much better able to meditate and manage stress."
  • Sandy Ellison
    Sandy Ellison
    Public Relations and Marketing Consultant
    "I can’t speak highly enough of Dave. The energy work, coaching and meditation training I have done with Dave have had profound effects both personally and professionally. He is a great teacher and very grounded. In addition to some amazing healing sessions, the daily practice of meditation for stress and life management has changed the way I interact with the world, to which I am very grateful.”
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