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Most of us spend 12 years at school, then 3 to 5 years tertiary study, possibly post graduate studies, but get no formal training
in learning how to manage key aspects of our being.


Generally, western society lacks any form of training in mind / emotional management, the normal defaults are to try and ignore, control or suppress negative thoughts or “suck it up” and soldier on hoping tomorrow will be somehow better?

You can’t use the mind alone to solve this problem as the mind is the cause in the first place, so we need to approach treating the mind and emotions from a different approach.

This is where meditation can help us.

Meditation gives us the ability to Change & Manage the way we think, feel and act despite the external forces that bear down upon our lives.

Technology is now being used to demonstrate the neurological effects of meditation, an induced conscious act effecting our mind, emotions and body. Before and after MRI images of the brain can now clearly depict permanent changes in the brains electrical activity zones after 6-8 weeks of daily meditation.

Meditation changes the part of the brain we use in the course of day to day thinking and as a result the way we perceive our world and the way we live our lives.

These changes in the brain are measurable after 5 days of a 20 minute daily meditation. As the brain changes, new neural pathways are established and meditation becomes easier. Meditation is most effective when practiced consistently like all good health practices.

When we understand what we are and how to access this part of ourselves a new reality emerges – a reality that goes beyond the understanding of the mind – free from its limitations, prejudices and habitual patterns that keeps us from experiencing our true potential as human beings.

Key Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Regular meditation practice helps create a greater sense of calm (mentally and emotionally), an increased feeling of well-being, improve the quality of our mind and develop a greater sense inner peace.

As a result of having a clearer mind, we automatically make better decisions and are far less reactive.

Meditation therefore is natural medicine for the mind, emotions and body. It’s free and has no side effects!

How long is the course?

Meditation Essentials is a 5 x week course (one evening per week) that is designed to arm you with understanding and a step by step practice so you achieve a minimum level of competency be the end of five weeks.

The course teaches you HOW you meditate effectively in a comfortable and supportive environment.You will learn the Five Meditation Essentials that allow you to address and manage four states of Being.

1. Calm Body – learn to connect, relax and distress your body

2. Calm Mind – learn how to calm and still the restless mind

3. Grounding – learn how to switch off adrenaline and feel relaxed and connected in your body

4. The Heart – learn how to open and experience the heart’s highest virtues i.e. Love, happiness, courage etc

5.Mindfulness – learn how to just BE in an open awareness state

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Sydney and Byron Bay February 2019

Investment: $269

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