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Relationship Transformations

Whether it’s with a business partner or work colleague, spouse, friend, or family member, Relationship Transformations works with individuals, families, business partners, and couples to help to identify and unlock the hurt, pain, and patterns of old to rebuild and reconnect for a healthier future. For this very particular work, we have partnered with highly respected therapist Maite Butronto conduct practical relationship workshops held around the country. Relationship Transformations are three practical relationship workshops that build upon each other developing knowledge and skills for;

  • Level 1 “Friends and colleagues, 
  • Level 2 “Family of origin”
  • Level 3 “Intimate partners”

Our Relationship Services Include:

These workshops and treatments are designed to make real change and develop healthy functioning relationships including;

  •  Weekend transformation programs
  • Couples and family counselling
  • Individual counselling with a focus on relationship goals
  • Personalised treatments for stress and trauma
  • Individual sessions to help unlock and resolve buried attitudes and  emotional patterns 
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques to help participants be the best loving version of themselves

Key Benefits of Relationship Transformations

  • Thrive in personal and professional environments  
  • Learn The 7 Secrets of Relationships
  • Develop clearer communication
  • Reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing
  • Improve the way you receive and apply constructive communication
  • Learn how to live from a place of integrity and truth
  • Grow and manage healthy relationships 
  • Identify and learn healthy, appropriate boundaries
  • Learn the principles of successful relationships
  • Learn how to manage difficult emotions 
  • Upgrade your conflict-resolution skills for greater personal growth
  • Discover how to be more present to ourselves and others
  • Learn how to live from a place of integrity and truth
  • Improve the way you receive and apply constructive communication
  • Identify patterns that sabotage relationships
  • Grow and manage healthy relationships

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“We started having relationship issues after the birth of our first child and the breakdown in our communication affected every aspect of our lives. We were at a real crossroads; to stay together or split up. I knew we were well suited but we just didn’t have the tools necessary to work through it.

We would absolutely recommend the relationship Transformation programs, not just for people who are feeling desperate or feeling like there’s something lacking. Before we had children, we thought we knew all the answers but there is so much more to learn.” 

Andy and Sandy Pointner

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